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Customer Testimonials--stay TUNED, more to come!!

Good morning Mr. Winful i did read your email on Saturday i just didn't reply because i know it was the weekend and i didn't want to bother on your off days. Thank you it was also a pleasure meeting you. My mother was greatly happy as well to have met you..she said you have a great personality and i agree. Thank you for helping me on this it gives me comfort and confidence to know i have your help. I willl download the papers uou emailed me and i will definitely carry them with me. Looking forward to speaking with you again.Wishing you and Joann a great week. Thank you. ---Ms. D. Hernandez, Dallas, Texas [October 2018 Family Law Custody & Protective Orders client, Dallas County Family Courts] 


Thank you so Much for all your help it was a honor for us that you help us we new the first time we talk to you we know that you where going to get what is best for the kids. May God bless you and yes as soon as we go to the court and get merry we will call you to let you know thank you again and we will keep in touch. GOD BLESS YOU MR ROBERT------Mr. Martin Adr**no, FAMILY LAW (HOTLY CONTESTED Divorce, custody, child support) client & case, Tarrant County, TX--AUGUST 2018


Good evening Mr. Winful.

I had a very unfortunate family emergency with my ***. I have to *** ****.

We will also be coming with another case i referred my dad to you for immigration case if you could cover that i wasn't to sure about that but that will be later on in the month. I will be trying to come with a bigger payment than the **** that following Friday.

Thank you Mr. Winful for everything you've done for my family.

A very good night to You, MRS. Winful and the kids.

And thank you!!!! thank you! THANK YOU! For having this case shut so quick!-----C. Morales, Family [CPS case, Dallas County], JUNE 2018


"Winful is the best."

----Armando M**t**ez, Immigration Client, Dallas, Texas. 'January 2018


Good morning Mr. Winful

I didn't get a chance to reply to your email the other day but we are very very grateful for everything you did for his case and you kept telling us all the way to have faith, thank you for all you did for working so hard I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year.-------Gladys S**nz; COOKE COUNTY, GAINESVILLE, TEXAS. 'DEC. 2017


"I have utilized the expertise of Robert Winful for the last few years and have found him to be an expert in corporate and family law. Aside from his law practice I have found him to be an ethical and trusted advisor." - Tim B., CEO, H****and P****nts, Dallas-Fort-Worth


"My household is at peace and children are doing great. Once again thank you for all your help. Sending your family many blessing. We are truly grateful." -- Sophia O. Family Law Client, Fort Worth, Texas


"Again, thank you for your response and I sincerely appreciate your passion and dedication to both K**y's and my matters"-- D** Ar***d, Veteran's Advocate, Albuquerque, New Mexico


"Thanks Mr. Winful

For all your work and for keeping me informed about my case"-- Jo*e Go****ez, Criminal Defense client, Dallas, Texas


"Good evening Robert, thanks a lot for the document. I have such relief now, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I can't thank you enough, this gives us such a peace of mind, thanks again for all of your hard work that led up to this huge victory. It has been such a great pleasure to have you as my lawyer. We will wait on your email on my dad's case, thank you for looking into that, hopefully that will be another victory. Have a good night, S***** R****** " Family Law Client, Dallas County, TX 2017.

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